Class A (MELT)

The duration of this course is a total of 103.5 hours. The course can be broken down as follows:

  • 36.5 hours; in class
  • 17 hours; in yard.
  • 18 hours; in yard, behind the wheel.
  • 32 hours; behind the wheel, on the road.


For the in-class portion of this course, each student will learn the history of trucking, truck parts, border crossing, hazardous materials, paper and electronic log books, and all other basic necessities of truck driving. The students will take this portion all together within the class from 8:00 am until 4:00pm everyday for the first 5 days. We will be covering 10 chapters in total. At the end of each day, students will write a quiz to test their understanding of the two chapter covered that day.


We will be learning how to conduct a daily inspection on a truck and trailer, including both interior and exterior inspections. Students will also learn how to couple and uncouple (hook and unhook) trailers, as well as flatbeds, to the truck.

In-Yard Behind The Wheel

Students will learn the basic maneuvers of driving a truck and straight, dock and alley backing for 18 hours. The students will become comfortable and confident behind the wheel before they hit the road.

On-Road Behind the Wheel

While on the road, students will practice on highways, rural roads and city streets. On highways, students will learn how to stay in a lane, merging, changing lanes and how to use on/off ramps. In the city streets, the students will practice changing lanes, crosswalks, intersections, railway crossings, turning into streets and more.

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